First impressions mean a lot, so prepare with these tips to get the most out of your home.


  • The house number should be easy to read
  • Lights on timers to ensure house is lit after sunset
  • Eaves, troughs, and downspouts in good repair
  • Garage/carport clean and tidy
  • Litter picked up
  • Cracked or broken window panes replaces
  • Doorbell and door hardware in good repair
  • Touch up trim paint on doors, window frame, fascia etc.
  • Mow, edge and weed the lawn frequently until the home is sold
  • Overgrown shrubbery should be cut and maintained
  • Seasonal flowers or ground cover show a personal touch
  • Inspect the roof for any repairs
  • Fences should be repaired and painted
  • Wash all windows inside and out


  • Open the drapes and turn on the lights
  • Keep it at a comfortable temperature
  • Keep fresh flowers and plants
  • Touch up paint and plaster
  • Leaky taps and toilets need to be fixed
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Oil any squeaky doors
  • Clean and polish mirrors, fixtures and taps
  • Put away valuable property
  • Pets need to be taken out
  • Missing or torn screens need to be replaced
  • Countertops cleaned and polished
  • Appliances cleaned
  • Don’t forget to clean inside cupboards and closets

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